Artificial Grass

So Why Artificial Grass?

Just imagine looking at a pristine lawn. The lawnmower is a thing of the past now. Spend your days in the summer relaxing and without having to do anything. Whatever the time or season, your kids and animals can safely play and enjoy the garden. Synthetic turf comes with a wide range of colour combinations and thicknesses in various styles and textures to accommodate any budget. You’ll be surprised at how genuine some of our grasses are. You will indeed find the best artificial lawn for your garden with such a wide range of choices.  


We have stocked over 40 Artificial Grass and Outdoor Carpets of different designs. Our grass is reliable, and certain grasses are guaranteed for up to 15 years. Our artificial grass will remain entirely green for several years because of its UV protection. Synthetic grass is perfect throughout the year, and all through winter, it will not wither or break, and the frost would not damage it either.


You would not get any dirt in rainy conditions or bald, dry patches during the hotter months, even if your kids are playing football or the pets are running around there for hours. You could even use environmentally friendly detergents if you want to hose your synthetic lawn down regularly without continually worrying about its decolouration. While we still like to attract wildlife to our grounds through artificial garden flowers as well as feeders, you won’t have any problems with moles or nesting animals that cause lawn issues. You can be convinced your lawn will be safe from pests. An artificial lawn will give you a lush green garden to enjoy throughout the year. 


Easy to Maintain  

  • The lawnmower can formally hang up its gloves and retreat to the shed without any more mowing. 
  • No insecticides, lawn feeders, or weed killers are needed. Some of which can be particularly damaging and harmful too. 
  • No watering. Your synthetic turf will stay green throughout the year, no need to fret in hot summer months about hosepipe issues. 
  • The convenience of maintenance will assist elderly individuals or people with limited mobility. 
  • We have already seen how instantly a dash across a wet garden can eventually lead to muddy footprints being walked through the house. This would no longer be a problem with artificial grass. 


Ideal for families 

  • Kids play outside throughout the year and wrap up warm in winter.  
  • An artificial lawn is clean and tidy, and infectious agents and germs are less likely to be carried into the home. 
  • Fifteen million people in the UK struggle from hay fever, but you could still enjoy your garden with a synthetic grass lawn. 
  • More time to sit back and enjoy your time with friends and family



Why should you pick Artificial Grass from Gorilla Grass? 

We offer a wide variety of artificial grass. Where most firms have only ten different types of grass to offer, we have above 40 ranges. Our grass range starts for just £ 3.49m2 – £ 24.99m2 so that you can be confident that you can get a product according to your budget. At certain times, we stock over 1000 sheets of artificial grass and all the equipment to go with it. The thickness of our grass ranges from 6 mm to 50 mm. 


We own a vast warehouse and utilise our transportation and courier network to ensure that customers get the best delivery options. Whether that’s small Royal Mail accessories or several artificial grass rolls sent by our transportation network, we’ll make sure your order reaches you as rapidly as feasible.


In our office, we have a team of dedicated staff that will handle your order from beginning to end to ensure that you will be updated with your order’s details and progress. We give free samples and a no-quibble return process so that you can choose new grass in the comfort of your own home. With Gorilla Grass, you are all in safe hands. 


Start by looking at our range of artificial grass and request free samples for yourself. You may want to attach the grass yourself. Look at our installation guide in this case.


Artificial Gardens, Cardiff & Newport Synthetic Turf 

Gorilla Grass is centred in Newport, close to Cardiff, South Wales, and specialises in the design and delivery of both home and commercial artificial grass lawns (humanmade turf). We have a skilled team in Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend, Llanelli, Swansea, and Camarthen, that accommodate all of the South and West Wales regions.


Only Low Maintenance Required 


Our synthetic turf looks real and feels like an original grass too. You’re never going to need to chop your lawn afterwards, and it will never require watering.  You can cherish your lawn 365 days of the year with no problem and high durability. 

Large product range 

Artificial grass is ideal for a wide range of uses. They can be used in residential gardens, educational institutions as well as play areas, exhibitions, and more.  We provide a broad array of products in different colors and various thicknesses sizes. 

Child and Pet-Friendly Grass  

Our artificial turf products are harmless and safe for kids and pets to play on, and the inclusion of shock pads can make them even secure. There are plenty of benefits to using synthetic turf in your lawns. It can save water and is also regarded as eco-friendly. There is very little management required, and of course, after it has rained or your pet did its business, there still will be no dirt or mess. Other than this, it is considered non-toxic, non-allergenic, and provides pets with a secure surface as well.

So, contact us now to learn more about artificial grass and how it can beautify your lawn and gardens with less maintenance. This advancement is not only safe and pretty to look at, but it has also saved the time and effort of many families. It is manageable and credible. Our team at Gorilla Grass offers you a perfect lawn throughout the year!

Artificial Grass For Roofing

Roofing green Nature Side is a patented modular system ideal for

covering and insulating Vertical ventilated surfaces. The Roofing green Nature Side modules insulate vertical walls by covering them with a nice layer of synthetic grass, that improves the aesthetic impact and the thermal and acoustic performance of the building, thus being suitable for energy saving as well as for the restructuring, redevelopment and new construction.  By not requiring any maintenance and irrigation, Roofing green Nature Side is a very competitive and sustainable solution, both from the economic and environmental point of view.