Craft An Artificial Grass Play Area – Red Cliff

The more children run around making the most of recess or playtime, the greater the likelihood that there may be a trip or fall; and there would definitely be some unnecessary tears to follow. It would make a big difference to pick a surface that’s healthy for kids.

The normal wear and tear of the surface itself are also to be taken into consideration, as there will be a lot of foot traffic from small feet, and you will want to keep it looking new and welcoming to parents and kids. Our artificial grass, while being both tough and resilient, has been engineered to replicate the look and feel of natural grass.

Engineering A Safe Play Area For Children 

The artificial turf by Gorilla Grass has been developed as an alternative to rubber surfaces or natural turf that is safe, resilient and aesthetically pleasing. With high-performance impact pads beneath, our artificial turf can be mounted, offering improved cushioning and reducing the chances of injuries from a fall. As at every moment there will be a huge amount of kids playing, the better you make their play space, the safer.

Durable Spaces For Playing 

Our grass is exceptionally hard-wearing and durable, which ensures that children will make the most of their playing games and you won’t have to think about the surface’s daily maintenance. 

Our goods have a rubber backing that is water-soluble, allowing water to drain through, so after a rainy spell, you won’t have to think about clogged play surfaces. Moreover, to ensure that they remain as bright as the day they are mounted, all items are UV-treated.

This ensures that our playing fields with fake turf will remain normal and enticing to all. As a dedication to our confidence in artificial turf from Gorilla Grass, all of our grass comes with a generic 10-year warranty, ensuring you can be assured that it can survive the time test and be replaced if it does not. And that is one less thing to think about!

Decorating Your Play Area 

The trick to creating a good play area is to build one that is tailor-made, open to all and encourages children of multiple ages to play together. This encourages their own growth and enhances their experience of the position you have built.

There are a few simple things that still appear to be kids’ champions. It will encourage them to appreciate the room all the more by integrating one or more of these into your playground. 

Any of the following big-statement elements may be:

  • Trampoline
  • Frames and nets for climbing
  • Bounces 
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Large-scale boards for puzzles
  • A treehouse

You will find that adding a few specifics and dividing the room into separate parts would encourage children to be much more innovative and inventive in order to make the space more personalised and ensuring that the décor of a play area is regarded as equally important. 

Certain things to consider buying would be:

  • Seating themed, such as toadstools or jets.
  • A break-up of athletic tasks into fields and play areas for toys.
  • Include ornaments such as gnomes or elves at Christmas if you just want a gift for your area. 
  • The magic is all-the-more true by making your climbing frame into a sleigh.
  • Using high-quality playground artificial grass to guarantee that it continues to look fantastic for many years.

Synthetic Grass For Nurseries & Schools 

There is no better outdoor play area for schools or nurseries to provide, with no necessary upkeep from you or the staff, excellent safety measures to keep children safe, and consistent visual appeal for parents and prospective viewers of the area. To order any artificial grass samples for your school or nursery playground flooring, get in touch with us today.

MUGA Sports Pitches 

MUGA is jargon for Multi-Use Games Area. These types of pitches are ideal for many activities that can all take place on the same pitch, just as the title suggests. For many years, multi-use games areas have become popular in the form of macadam surfacing suitable for different sports, including tennis, basketball and field hockey.

However, other surface styles have been created in recent years to offer additional playing characteristics and a better playing experience. The introduction of 2 G and 3 G artificial turf has greatly changed the playing environment to more closely reflect playing on natural grass, but it encourages local clubs and recreation facilities to use certain forms of surface almost around the clock, unlike the real thing.

The Benefits of MUGA Pitches For Children 

For recreational clubs and sports teams, multi-use game areas are a very cost-effective way to construct a surface that can be used on the same pitch for various activities, thereby eliminating the need for multiple fields to be installed.

It implies that many clubs will get together and split the installation bill, making it a more feasible choice for smaller clubs to buy a MUGA. These pitches have the potential to allow for constant play, nearly around the clock, than playing on surfaces such as grass.

There are currently nine distinct forms of MUGA surfacing, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Each surface is ideal for various forms of sport and exercise, too. Typically, deciding on the right form of MUGA depends on budget criteria, the activities you want to play on the field, longevity and the playing experience you need.

The Red Cliff Point 

On the south coast of England, east of Weymouth in Dorset is Redcliff Point. It sits just beyond the eastern edge of the Jurassic Coast’s sweeping Weymouth Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape renowned for its geographic location In this region, fossils can be located in the Upper Oxford Clay.

The cliff overlooks the Isle of Portland. it is called the Red Cliff at this moment because of the red colouring of the cliffs. The Broadrock cliffs and Bowleaze Cove are nearby to the west. Black Head and the tidal village of Osmington Mills are to the east.