Patios, Balconies & Terrace

A good quality patio or paved area is a brilliant way of making an area look elegant, classy and well cared for. It is the perfect way to add value to your garden, as well as providing with an area for relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment.

Our highly trained staff have had many years of experience in the preparation and installation of patios and have completed hundreds of gardens to a very high standard over the years.

We only source the highest quality materials and you can choose between a range of concrete styles and natural stone in a wide array of colors and sizes. No matter the size or shape of your garden, we can create your perfect custom patio or path and make your ideas a reality.

The best foundation for your balcony is artificial grass; away from the dull asphalt. Transform your balcony into an enticing artificial grass atmosphere with Gorilla Grass.  It’s going to make your balcony look really chic! The perfect green decking cover is giving you great pleasure for many years to come. A patio or terrace has a large flat top (granite, asphalt and other concrete floors), so it’s very easy to build fake turf.

Typically in one piece, you can order the grass carpet. Just unwrap the carpet and the cover is ready for your decking! If you plan to plant artificial grass over asphalt, kindly note that it must be uniform.

A patio is a living area outside, mostly next to your house and yard. A patio is typically used very intensively for cooking, resting and meeting with family and friends. Patios typically consist of a rough surface; they are built by asphalt, concrete, dirt, flagstone or other materials. For a patio, we find artificial grass to be very convenient. It can be used comfortably and produces a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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