Aftercare of Artificial Grass – Montpelier 

A routine maintenance programme is often recommended for your artificial grass system to ensure the full life span of your Gorilla Grass. As an outdoor object exposed to the elements, there is inevitably some occasional light work that you can do. In short, here are key tips for keeping your artificial grass clean and presentable, read on these tips below for more information!

Maintaining Your Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass can handle most things that the great British weather aims at it, but in order to keep it looking its best, it needs a little upkeep. That said, with no more mowing or seeding bare areas to think about, the fake lawn won’t require anywhere near as much upkeep as the real stuff. The key is “little and often” to keep your Naturally Green Fake Grass looking pristine.

There are a few easy precautions that can be taken to ensure that the artificial grass product from Gorilla Grass continues in the same condition throughout its lifetime. The trick is tiny and regular and you will prevent any needless cost of restoring the lawn faster than would have been appropriate with this attitude. Neglecting these easy steps can save you a little time in the short term, but you may end up spending more time and more money in the long term!

Lift The Pile 

You may need a leaf blower, power brush or a garden vac for this phase. It takes a duration of around 6-8 weeks after the synthetic grass is mounted to completely ‘bed’ itself in, allowing it to settle entirely. It would cause the construction of the artificial blades to stay upright by using a leaf blower, power brush or a garden vac on a regular basis. 

To prevent flattening and compaction, keeping the artificial grass vertically would help. Push softly towards the fake grass in the opposite direction of where it is leaning, using the leaf blower, power brush or a garden vac. Easy as that and totally worth it.

Debris & Leaves 

If it’s leaves or other waste, all debris should be collected from the artificial grass surface. It is not optimal to leave decaying foliage and other organic matter since it can build up and cause runoff. Aside from the fact that there is nothing you would like to protect your new gorgeous grass! Once again, if you have one, all you need for this phase is a leaf blower, power brush or garden vac.

Unwanted Weeds 

To discourage unwanted weeds and airborne seeds from being embedded in the artificial grass, all installations should have a weed membrane underneath the artificial grass. In order to encourage irrigation, Gorilla Grass goods have drainage holes in the back, which is why it is so necessary to put a weed barrier directly below the lawn. Ensure that only a water-based weed killer is used if any moss or weeds appear.

Save It From Pets 

Artificial grass is also used in shelters or for pet enclosures, and artificial grass is often a breeze to manage in these areas while also being fully pet healthy. Urine can be easily hosed down, while it is easy to remove and dispose of solid waste.

The animal mess should be removed right away, just like how it is done in a natural lawn. It would be important to pick up something big by hand. Using warm water containing a mild (eco-friendly) detergent, such as cleaning soap, the area may then be wiped down. It is also possible to wash certain stains very easily using a watered-down mild detergent and warm water. We suggest that you use the Artificial Lawn cleaner.

BBQ & Heat Sources 

Please be mindful that barbeques and other heat-producing objects should not be put directly on the artificial lawn as due to the excessive heat produced by them, they will burn the grass. Placing BBQs on a patio is the best technique.

We also had occasions where consumers hired contractors to trim their trees, and then put their motorised equipment on the lawn, and then burned the ground. No warranty will cover any harm caused by such products, so please take caution and warn any contractors in advance so that they do not inadvertently damage your synthetic turf.

Holding the magnifying glasses away from the children on the lawn is also a smart practice.

Summarised Tips 

All in all, here are a few pointers that you should definitely look out for: 

  • For lengthy periods of time, stop big and heavy cars being parked on the artificial surface.
  • You should never use tobacco, BBQs and bonfires around artificial grass.
  • Mirrors or reflective glass can never be placed near artificial grass and the sun’s reflecting light can melt the paint.
  • It is never appropriate to leave glass and other sharp items unattended on the lawn. Apart from the apparent danger of causing significant harm to someone, your lawn will be destroyed.
  • Using inappropriate footwear, such as football/rugby boots, stilettoes or other non-flat footwear, could damage the lawn.
  • Solid detergents such as chlorine can never be used, always using the methods suggested

This is not an exhaustive list, but it only highlights a couple of the main measures to keep your artificial lawn as beautiful as it can be for as long as it can be!

The Magic Of Montpelier 

Montpellier is a city on the Mediterranean Sea close to the south coast of France. It is the capital of the department of Hérault. It is situated within the territory of Occitanie. In the metropolitan sector, 607,896 people lived in 2016, and in the city itself, 281,613. About one-third of the population are students from three universities and three institutions of higher education outside the city’s university system.

Montpelier is only a 1-minute stroll from the gorgeous beach at Sandown. The Montpelier district is within walking distance of all the sights that your family can visit. The opening of the IOW Zoo, Dinosaur Island, Rainbow Park or the iconic Sandown Pier occurs all year round. Explore the Golf Experience of the Lost Planet, Magic Island, Super Bowl and much more.