In order to optimise the life span of you artificial lawn there are a couple of things you can do once our team have installed it correctly.

Excess debris from autumn leaves and the like can add to the natural look of your lawn but if left over time the can break down into a natural compost. This can give a great home to such things as moss and weeds, along with blocking drainage holes and causing surface water to build up. Fortunately this can be prevented by occasionally brushing with a stiff brush or washing down with a jet wash.

Maintenance Service

Want to keep your lawn looking great and feeling as fresh as the day it was put down? We offer the perfect package that will make your grass last longer. We recommend this service once every 12-18 months. In this service package we will:

  • Use our power brush and lawn vac to remove every bit of debris that has built up over time
  • Prevent any weeds popping up around the edges with a carefully applied weed killer
  •  Put life and bounce back in the pile of your grass with our power brush

We don’t use weed killer over the surface of the lawn as it cannot dissipate into the ground due to the grass acting as a barrier and it can leave potentially dangerous traces behind. We do offer an antibacterial deodoriser that is great for pet owners to keep the grass smelling great and safe for children.

The service team currently operates within the South Wales area at the following costs;

Up to 30m2 – £65.00

30 m2 to 60m2 – £95.00

60 m2 to 90m2 – £115.00

Please add £0.30 per m2 for the use of antibacterial deodoriser.

If your lawn is bigger than 90m2 please call for a quotation. maintenance service