Artificial Grass Installations in Leigh Woods

Nurturing Outdoor Playdates In Healthy Environments

Go Greener With Our Synthetic Lawn Experts

The sight of soft grass and nature’s happy colours in your lawn can spring vitality and growth. Our lawn experts are quite handy with installing a custom cut lawn but if that is something you would like to try on your own, then have a look at our installation guide. It is super easy and fun to do it on your own.

Our European designed faux grass can make practical design solutions come to life. We are proud of our outstanding reputation in design and development that we have built over the course of 20 years.

Our company promises the finest quality of lawn patches in Bristol, UK. Each of our patches meets our excellence standards and is made with utmost care and compassion by undergoing different regulations and tests.

Meet The Future. Meet Manageable Eco Lawns.

Fake grass is a carefully crafted doppelganger of real grass. It has achieved the national acceptance of millions of British homeowners. And with low upkeep and high tolerance to external stressors, there is no reason why should not fake it too!

Sustainable & Recyclable

Our artificial grass is loved initially by our clients, and later on by the planet! The components used in our synthetic grass is 100% recyclable which means it adds on to our environment’s natural resources.

As opposed to the traditional method of manufacturing artificial grass, our technique can sustain a healthy lawn for as long as 10 to 15 years. The grass colour, fibre size, fibre shape and width is an important combination that we have replicated by studying nature’s greens for years.

We carefully select recyclable raw materials that go into the making of exquisitely fresh-looking grass blades. Giving an opportunity for your kids to have a mini garden to prance around is a healthy venture in many ways. An outdoor green space is an ideal picnic spot for your family. You can lather up some sunscreen and scoot your kids out for a fun activity on a sunny day.

Supports Recreational Leisure

Getting your kid off the couch and indulging them in an engaging game of kickball is a struggle for millennial parenting. Being close to nature can nurture healthy developmental skills and fine motor skills in children.

Our wealth of experience can generate hygienic, safe and fun environments for both pets and children. Overgrown lawn patches, muddy areas and hard surfaces can pose a risk to lawn safety and hinder recreational activities.

Bristol Artificial Lawn can make a permanent surface solution by preventing mud and debris. Our lawn makes a softer and smoother landing for children that helps them get up and running in no time.

Defiant & Durable

An artificial lawn requires little to no maintenance the entire year. It saves you from using harmful insecticides and pesticides that destroy the environment. To top it off, it saves water by virtually needing only 20% of the water when compared with an organic grass lawn.

There are a lot of surprising benefits to an artificial lawn. Our favourite plus points are that you can add to garden furniture without worrying about the grass dying. Synthetic grass does not absorb bad odour making it a pet-friendly choice for your backyard.

Sunkissed Grass Blades

Our glass blades are covered with UV stabilisation to fight off the threat of discolouration under extreme weather conditions. We have a vast collection of unique blade shapes that can mimic the look and feel of real grass.

Composed of non-toxic materials, our blades are manufactured finely designed and evergreen features. The blades are tolerant to dirt and do not absorb moisture for an everlasting green sight.

Their impeccable resistance to wear and tear makes them a suitable option for high traffic regions. From residential designs to commercial custom fits – our landscapes finishes are unparalleled and vibrantly welcoming.

Tough, Soft & Green In Every Sense

Our artificial grass has vibrant colours with a natural feel of lush. We have an unrivalled range of multiple textures and appearances that can transform your outdoor and indoor spaces into a living heaven.

When the temperatures go extreme or the precipitation lessens, natural grass struggles to breathe and live. On the contrary, artificial grass is resilient in maintaining its natural green colour.

With the same basic size, shape and texture of natural grass, it is very hard to tell artificial grass apart. In an initial feel test, most of our clients were pleasantly surprised at the smooth texture of our artificial grass. For maximum appeal, the appearance of natural grass is maintained by a rubberized filter and a fabric foundation.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

That’s a question our experts are happy to acknowledge. In terms of efficiency, sustainability and enjoyment, we firmly believe in high standards. There are numerous reasons that make us confident about your purchase. You’ll find out the surplus advantages outlined below:

  • Quality and trustworthiness is our main concern
  • We are cautious about saving the environment
  • Our team is highly passionate and skilful
  • Our artificial grass looks 100% real
  • We use the latest technological procedures in manufacturing
  • We offer a robust warranty for your grass
  • Our warranty covers UV degradation and discolouration

Leading the Artificial Grass Market in the UK

Synthetic grass has become a popular landscaping option for many homeowners. With our wide range of grass options, we have got a grass patch for all your lawn needs. Our experts can practically place a lawn in versatile locations making it a divergent option for increasing your outdoor appeal.

Our turf pros have made lawn care effortless and fun for new homeowners. Our team can cater to a variety of lawn demands including residential, commercial, sports fields, special events and much more.

Our industrial experience makes us a great fit for making your lawn dream come true. Over the last five years, we have immensely grown in technological advancement with an increasing focus on water conservation. Our efforts have driven remarkable growth in revenue for the artificial grass market.