Artificial Grass Installations in Clifton

The energy you need to relive life

No gophers. No maintenance. No fuss.

Installing Sustainable Happiness In Clifton

To upgrade your outdoor living space, Bristol Artificial Lawn supplies natural-looking, soft artificial grass and luxury composite decking. Our robust, incredibly-realistic innovations can save you time and money, all while effectively protecting our climate.

At Bristol Artificial Lawns, we are passionate about delivering exclusive high-quality services to our clients, while enhancing the elegance and value of your home at all times. We value being transparent, authentic, and giving unmatched customer services. If you’re not impressed with your lawn, we haven’t done our job.

All of our lawn products are made in Europe, always maintaining the European standards of efficiency, reliability and safety.

Our company promises:

  • Express delivery on all orders 
  • Product Warranty
  • Reasonable and moderate prices
  • Lawn specialists in constructing a decorative artificial turf
  • Service that is trusted, professional and credible
  • The finest artificial grass available in the UK
  • 100% satisfaction in results

Breathtaking Creative Spaces With DIY Installations

Each of our lawn patch projects is special in its own way. Our experts advise custom-tailored suggestions for the space you have to remodel it to look straight out of a cosmopolitan magazine.

A lawn transformation is just what you need to enjoy the ever-changing spontaneous weather of the UK. A prim and proper turf can help you uplift your mood each morning when you feel like taking in the fresh oxygen by stretching your legs.

It is a great way to improve your lifestyle. Psychological research shows that a lush green lawn is great for improving your mental health. For many individuals, it can stimulate health, tranquillity and stability.

The Fresh Summer Look

Colour popping visuals

A well-prepped artificial lawn is a great place to lounge and read a book. Enjoying the shades of green can improve your everyday life by twofold! What’s more? You can install your organic flower plants alongside your artificial turf!

Pops of purple, yellow, red and fuchsia can energise you with a zealous start to your day. Our clients have reported back with positive feedback over the years. Our esteemed clients are positive that installing an artificial lawn in their house has “filled their soul with joy.”

Backed by science and prepared after hardcore researches, Bristol Artificial Lawns is a proud installer of grass that springs growth and life. A prepped lawn can be a place for fostering acceptance and goodwill among family members.

Turf It Out

A true outdoor carpet

Private gardens have become an uprising running theme in the UK. Old grass companies used plastic and other harmful components to install an artificial lawn but that is old news. Our lawn installers have recyclable products that are nothing like the flaky or fading stuff that most companies offer.

The fake grass used for displaying oranged in greengrocer is long gone. The present-day artificial grass is a perfect natural replication of the real thing. Modern artificial lawns can mimic earth’s spring hues in the shape of grass blades.

Blocks Soil Dwellers

Bug-repelling, pet-loving

With record hot temperatures that are predicted to increase with time in Britain, we are looking at longer summer days. Consequently, this can also be an invitation for insects, soil dwellers and destroyers, to find refuge in the coolness of your grass.

One of the hard-to-fight solitary bees and worms find food in the shade of real grass. Fortunately for us, a patch of our artificial grass blocks off insects and provides little to no nourishment for them to survive upon.

The Planet Cleaning Agenda

No watering. No feeding. No mowing.

As the UK faces a serious water crisis, it is crucial to ponder our role in saving the environment. An artificial lawn saves you 80% of year-around water, which is roughly 1000 gallons of water saved.

Unlike a real law, an artificial patch of grass does not need frequent mowing. This is phenomenal considering many people mow lawns using fossil fuel or electric mowers which are no good to the planet’s green energy.

Apart from that, weed killers, insect sprays and pest powders are detrimental to our climate. Installing artificial grass can reduce environmental hazards by twofold all while giving your lawn a picture-perfect finish.

Perks of Having A Synthetic Lawn Environment

With each passing day, artificial turfs are gaining ground by being more cost-efficient and long-lasting. Their resilient grass blades have given life to dead lawns and tired homeowners.

It is perfect for beautifying your home space with a touch of green. With easy DIY installation steps, it helps you provide a laidback serene touch to your home. Some of its many benefits include:

  • Velvety green lawns with no cost to the environment
  • Reduces childhood obesity by promoting physical activities
  • Significantly decreases the cost of maintenance
  • Saves millions of gallons of water annually
  • Banishes the use of harmful pesticides
  • Withstands and shines through excessive wear and tear
  • Remains lush and resilient despite regular use
  • Provides a versatile play area for destressing
  • Made with stable ingredients, it is ultraviolet resistant to corrosion

The calm brought around by artificial grass can make you forgot about the tiring upkeep of organic grass. In comparison with real grass, synthetic grass can stay alive for years while real grass can die out after harsh weather.

The new generation of synthesised blades with recyclable materials is here to stay. Although the initial costs aren’t cheap at all, it pays for itself in the long run.

Get The Home Turf Advantage

From a design perspective, you can install energizing lawn setups paired with some garden furniture, fairytale lights, candy canes and tree trunks to make it seem welcoming in the daylight and magical by night.

Decorating your outdoors for holiday ventures like Halloween and Christmas is a big win when it comes to installing an artificial lawn. You get to redo your yard with fake cobwebs or pumpkins without any worries about the grass damage.

A beautiful lawn is an intricate work of art and with Bristol’s Artificial Lawn collection, you get the home turf advantage.