Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass – Redlands 

When anyone has a puppy, you can still see that their yard is covered with discoloured spots where the grass has been charred with dog pee. Not any longer! 

A patchy lawn with dog-friendly fake grass is a question of the past. Stain-resistant of urine and made to last, the high-quality resilient turf stocked by Gorilla Grass will look green and still, for seasons to come – you’ll be the envy of all pet owners (and everybody else!).

Gorilla Grass provides an affordable brand of artificial grass that has been specially developed to be used in higher traffic areas if you have pets and are considering a field of synthetic grass to use in your yard.

This fake grass can be used to create a play patch for various residential uses, such as for a porch, in a lawn, for a small yard, etc. Since it has a high drainage capacity, this artificial grass is sold as pet-friendly turf.

Premium Artificial Grass For Pets 

Since it has a rubber backing that includes drainage holes, this unique artificial grass is sold to be used for dogs. This drainage holes help the product reduce waste. Moreover, for homeowners who have smaller spaces or who also have children who play outside, this artificial grass is handy.

This turf is not generally a luxury fake grass commodity, but for many home applications, it offers nice features. It is cheap, can be built on your own, is easy to clean, drains well, and direct communication is safe.

This synthetic grass is offered in rolls. There are several locations where a smaller sample would be sold for you to inspect. They are quite easy to cut since the mats are not quite thick, which makes mounting them very simple. 

Breaking Down The Pet-Friendly Grass 

For small garden areas, playpens, or exposed roofs, this artificial grass is a realistic alternative. The artificial grass is a perfect way to make your house a tiny garden. A description of the various characteristics of Premium Synthetic Grass can be found below to give you a clearer sense of what to expect from this buy.

Drain-away Protection

To allow effective drainage, our grass has a thick rubber base that is pre-punched. This spatial architecture reduces poor runoff and avoids waste aggregation, thereby promoting your beloved pets with a healthier environment. Debris would not be stuck in our grass, like fur, faeces, and urine!

Aesthetically Pleasing 

This synthetic turf has a far more natural look that more closely resembles actual grass thanks to its dual-blade colouring system. The grass blades are manufactured from a lighter synthetic material that helps the glass blades to appear even more naturally.

It is, therefore, less dense, making it a suitable option for those higher parts of the home that are experiencing high traffic. You can also find, though, that to preserve its appearance, you need to brush or rake this synthetic turf more often.

Density & Texture

Although we provide a small range relative to its rivals when it comes to texture, colour, and density, you will always be able to find one that you will enjoy. It is extremely porous and easy to scrub, drain, and mount this synthetic turf.

It also features a very persuasive texture. It is not suitable for larger environments, though, but for certain smaller home apps, it has the perfect texture and density. It rates marginally lower in this regard due to its aesthetic.

Design Capacity 

It is made with a very durable rubber backing and drainage holes and is intended for pet use. Thanks to this versatility, it is a common option for dog owners who need a tiny green area for their pet that is durable and easy to clean on their deck or patio.

Thermal Resistant 

As for every other form of synthetic turf, you want to do as best as possible to avoid holding it in direct sunshine. Because of this synthetic turf brand’s more inexpensive and affordable price, many consumers have noticed that when it comes to its heat resistance, it is slightly lacking. It can, for this purpose, be put in a shaded area or used indoors.

The Many Advantages Of Pet-Friendly Grass 

There are many reasons why more and more dog owners are looking for their dogs to get synthetic turf. It not only allows them the ability to save their turf and natural grass, but it is also a feasible choice that needs relatively little care and maintenance, and the dog can not even say the difference between realistic fake grass and real grass much of the time.

You don’t have to think about digging holes in the yard with your puppy, damaging the lawn with its garbage, or keeping track of dirt and other debris at home. If the weather is snowy or too cold outside, it also offers a good spot for your dog to easily and comfortably use the toilet.

Thanks to its aesthetics and other consistency traits, artificial grass for dogs adds to the overall appeal of the house. Without ever destroying it, the dog will race around on artificial turf all day long. False grass is robust and flexible for dogs.

Thanks to its longevity, it will not exhibit signs of wear and tear and it will still look fine. It also retains a smooth feeling, so in both indoor and outdoor applications, it feels nice beneath your bare feet or the paws of your pup.


In Bristol, England, Redland is an affluent suburb. Clifton, Cotham, Bishopston and Westbury Park are all in the suburbs. 

There are numerous opinions on the root of the word Redland. One source claims it was known as Rudeland in the 11th century , probably from Old English rudding, which means “cleared ground.” Another source points to Thriddeland being mentioned in 1209, presumably meaning “the third part of an estate.”

The district borders are not specifically established but are commonly assumed to be Whiteladies Road in the west, the railway line of Severn Beach in the south and Cranbrook Road in the east. The name of a council ward, which occupies a slightly different area, is also Redland.

Red Cliff

Craft An Artificial Grass Play Area – Red Cliff

The more children run around making the most of recess or playtime, the greater the likelihood that there may be a trip or fall; and there would definitely be some unnecessary tears to follow. It would make a big difference to pick a surface that’s healthy for kids.

The normal wear and tear of the surface itself are also to be taken into consideration, as there will be a lot of foot traffic from small feet, and you will want to keep it looking new and welcoming to parents and kids. Our artificial grass, while being both tough and resilient, has been engineered to replicate the look and feel of natural grass.

Engineering A Safe Play Area For Children 

The artificial turf by Gorilla Grass has been developed as an alternative to rubber surfaces or natural turf that is safe, resilient and aesthetically pleasing. With high-performance impact pads beneath, our artificial turf can be mounted, offering improved cushioning and reducing the chances of injuries from a fall. As at every moment there will be a huge amount of kids playing, the better you make their play space, the safer.

Durable Spaces For Playing 

Our grass is exceptionally hard-wearing and durable, which ensures that children will make the most of their playing games and you won’t have to think about the surface’s daily maintenance. 

Our goods have a rubber backing that is water-soluble, allowing water to drain through, so after a rainy spell, you won’t have to think about clogged play surfaces. Moreover, to ensure that they remain as bright as the day they are mounted, all items are UV-treated.

This ensures that our playing fields with fake turf will remain normal and enticing to all. As a dedication to our confidence in artificial turf from Gorilla Grass, all of our grass comes with a generic 10-year warranty, ensuring you can be assured that it can survive the time test and be replaced if it does not. And that is one less thing to think about!

Decorating Your Play Area 

The trick to creating a good play area is to build one that is tailor-made, open to all and encourages children of multiple ages to play together. This encourages their own growth and enhances their experience of the position you have built.

There are a few simple things that still appear to be kids’ champions. It will encourage them to appreciate the room all the more by integrating one or more of these into your playground. 

Any of the following big-statement elements may be:

  • Trampoline
  • Frames and nets for climbing
  • Bounces 
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Large-scale boards for puzzles
  • A treehouse

You will find that adding a few specifics and dividing the room into separate parts would encourage children to be much more innovative and inventive in order to make the space more personalised and ensuring that the décor of a play area is regarded as equally important. 

Certain things to consider buying would be:

  • Seating themed, such as toadstools or jets.
  • A break-up of athletic tasks into fields and play areas for toys.
  • Include ornaments such as gnomes or elves at Christmas if you just want a gift for your area. 
  • The magic is all-the-more true by making your climbing frame into a sleigh.
  • Using high-quality playground artificial grass to guarantee that it continues to look fantastic for many years.

Synthetic Grass For Nurseries & Schools 

There is no better outdoor play area for schools or nurseries to provide, with no necessary upkeep from you or the staff, excellent safety measures to keep children safe, and consistent visual appeal for parents and prospective viewers of the area. To order any artificial grass samples for your school or nursery playground flooring, get in touch with us today.

MUGA Sports Pitches 

MUGA is jargon for Multi-Use Games Area. These types of pitches are ideal for many activities that can all take place on the same pitch, just as the title suggests. For many years, multi-use games areas have become popular in the form of macadam surfacing suitable for different sports, including tennis, basketball and field hockey.

However, other surface styles have been created in recent years to offer additional playing characteristics and a better playing experience. The introduction of 2 G and 3 G artificial turf has greatly changed the playing environment to more closely reflect playing on natural grass, but it encourages local clubs and recreation facilities to use certain forms of surface almost around the clock, unlike the real thing.

The Benefits of MUGA Pitches For Children 

For recreational clubs and sports teams, multi-use game areas are a very cost-effective way to construct a surface that can be used on the same pitch for various activities, thereby eliminating the need for multiple fields to be installed.

It implies that many clubs will get together and split the installation bill, making it a more feasible choice for smaller clubs to buy a MUGA. These pitches have the potential to allow for constant play, nearly around the clock, than playing on surfaces such as grass.

There are currently nine distinct forms of MUGA surfacing, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Each surface is ideal for various forms of sport and exercise, too. Typically, deciding on the right form of MUGA depends on budget criteria, the activities you want to play on the field, longevity and the playing experience you need.

The Red Cliff Point 

On the south coast of England, east of Weymouth in Dorset is Redcliff Point. It sits just beyond the eastern edge of the Jurassic Coast’s sweeping Weymouth Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape renowned for its geographic location In this region, fossils can be located in the Upper Oxford Clay.

The cliff overlooks the Isle of Portland. it is called the Red Cliff at this moment because of the red colouring of the cliffs. The Broadrock cliffs and Bowleaze Cove are nearby to the west. Black Head and the tidal village of Osmington Mills are to the east.


Artificial Grass For Corporate Events in Southville

The many advantages of artificial grass ensure that it’s no wonder that it has risen at such a remarkable pace of popularity. In recent years, one field where it has seen tremendous development is in use at events and exhibits.

There are several reasons why artificial turf is preferred by corporations and event promoters for their competitions and exhibits. Once upon a time, there was a little stigma added to artificial grass and many people had a negative impression of it.

Since those days, though, artificial grass has taken major leaps forward. The advent of new technology and processing methods means that it is very difficult to tell the difference between artificial grass and actual grass in today’s world.

Artificial Grass Looks Super Attractive 

In order to attract leads and purchases during the event, the key goal of attending conventions and shows is to bring as many guests to your stand as possible. It can be costly for firms to attend trade shows and exhibits and it is thus necessary to draw as many tourists as possible to your booth.

It is likely to cause a buzz and pique the attention of tourists by planting artificial grass on the surface of your show area, which will enable them to visit your stand. It is vitally important in any aspect of business that stands out from the crowd, and it is much more important at conventions and exhibits where many of your rivals will usually often participate. It’s also possible for the logo to be made from fake turf.

Artificial grass is suitable for turning heads into the show stand and rising foot traffic.

Artificial Grass Becomes A Conversation Starter 

Having the atmosphere as enjoyable as possible is one of the keys to the success of any festival or show. Organizers can make activities unforgettable in many ways; often it is some of the finer touches that are remembered, and one of them can definitely be fake turf.

People enjoy fake turf, and as the visitors will be surprised by how realistic it looks and how fantastic it feels underfoot, it definitely offers a strong talking point. The funkier it is, the more unforgettable it will be and the more viewers your festival or show will chat about.

From a business point of view, this is fantastic news, and who knows, the images of your event can also be posted via social networks and end up making headlines.

Artificial Grass Looks Welcoming 

For festivals and exhibits, another factor why artificial grass is perfect is that it is friendly. Artificial grass has a very realistic appearance and this can be used to cover surfaces with a darker, uglier look, such as asphalt, to your benefit. 

Colour will have a huge subconscious influence on your guests. For instance, the colour green represents creation, nature, money, fertility and protection. It is known to be a soothing colour that pleases the eye. 

The beneficial subconscious impact on your customers that lush green artificial grass can have and visitors can both boost their pleasure and enhance their ability to spend money. And, at the end of the day, like certain activities and exhibits, they are the key targets.

Artificial Grass Can Be Installed Quickly 

One big bonus of selecting artificial grass for your activities and exhibits is that it can be built very effectively and rapidly. As many event promoters are running around the clock to get their showroom ready on time, this is very critical. In certain instances, artificial grass may be built in a very short space of time, particularly if you are looking to cover polished concrete, usually used in exhibition centres. 

It is strongly recommended that you employ the support of a specialist contractor for more complex installations or installations that may need to endure heavy usage for many days, such as at a music festival, to ensure that the artificial grass is able to cope with the amount of use expected.

Artificial Grass Is Not Slippery 

Artificial grass offers a non-slip surface for the guests, compared to other types of temporary surfacing. It is incredibly necessary to build a clean, accessible atmosphere for your tourists or guests to ensure their safety.

Installing artificial grass is a smart choice for outdoor activities that may be influenced by conditions, such as unexpected intense downpours or steady rain, as fake grass is fully permeable and would not transform into a mud bath, unlike natural grass.

This will make the showroom a much cooler place at a festival or exhibition and one that visitors will rush to when there is a downpour. It is easy to clean if any drops arise on the artificial grass since any fluids can be cleaned across the grass with a hose or watering can and solids can be picked up as usual.

Artificial Grass Does Not Look Old 

The artificial grass of decent quality is highly hard-wearing and capable of resisting constant heavy foot traffic.

This gives fake grass a huge advantage over real grass as it ensures that, unlike the harm that foot traffic will do to real grass fields, your festival or show will stay new and clean for the remainder of the occasion.

The trick here, of course, is to pick a lawn that is up to the challenge. Fake grass is very flexible and resilient due to its hard-wearing nature, making it suitable for use at events and exhibits.

The Scenic Southville 

Only a few excuses to visit this lively corner of South Bristol include street art, street parties and street food. Among the locals, there has been some furore as to where Southville finishes and where Bedminster starts. 

The heart of the city is North Street and it is this bustling commercial road that formally divides Southville from Ashton to the south, and as you walk further east, it steadily switches to Bedminster. For multiple activities during the year, most roads are closed to traffic. 


Aftercare of Artificial Grass – Montpelier 

A routine maintenance programme is often recommended for your artificial grass system to ensure the full life span of your Gorilla Grass. As an outdoor object exposed to the elements, there is inevitably some occasional light work that you can do. In short, here are key tips for keeping your artificial grass clean and presentable, read on these tips below for more information!

Maintaining Your Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass can handle most things that the great British weather aims at it, but in order to keep it looking its best, it needs a little upkeep. That said, with no more mowing or seeding bare areas to think about, the fake lawn won’t require anywhere near as much upkeep as the real stuff. The key is “little and often” to keep your Naturally Green Fake Grass looking pristine.

There are a few easy precautions that can be taken to ensure that the artificial grass product from Gorilla Grass continues in the same condition throughout its lifetime. The trick is tiny and regular and you will prevent any needless cost of restoring the lawn faster than would have been appropriate with this attitude. Neglecting these easy steps can save you a little time in the short term, but you may end up spending more time and more money in the long term!

Lift The Pile 

You may need a leaf blower, power brush or a garden vac for this phase. It takes a duration of around 6-8 weeks after the synthetic grass is mounted to completely ‘bed’ itself in, allowing it to settle entirely. It would cause the construction of the artificial blades to stay upright by using a leaf blower, power brush or a garden vac on a regular basis. 

To prevent flattening and compaction, keeping the artificial grass vertically would help. Push softly towards the fake grass in the opposite direction of where it is leaning, using the leaf blower, power brush or a garden vac. Easy as that and totally worth it.

Debris & Leaves 

If it’s leaves or other waste, all debris should be collected from the artificial grass surface. It is not optimal to leave decaying foliage and other organic matter since it can build up and cause runoff. Aside from the fact that there is nothing you would like to protect your new gorgeous grass! Once again, if you have one, all you need for this phase is a leaf blower, power brush or garden vac.

Unwanted Weeds 

To discourage unwanted weeds and airborne seeds from being embedded in the artificial grass, all installations should have a weed membrane underneath the artificial grass. In order to encourage irrigation, Gorilla Grass goods have drainage holes in the back, which is why it is so necessary to put a weed barrier directly below the lawn. Ensure that only a water-based weed killer is used if any moss or weeds appear.

Save It From Pets 

Artificial grass is also used in shelters or for pet enclosures, and artificial grass is often a breeze to manage in these areas while also being fully pet healthy. Urine can be easily hosed down, while it is easy to remove and dispose of solid waste.

The animal mess should be removed right away, just like how it is done in a natural lawn. It would be important to pick up something big by hand. Using warm water containing a mild (eco-friendly) detergent, such as cleaning soap, the area may then be wiped down. It is also possible to wash certain stains very easily using a watered-down mild detergent and warm water. We suggest that you use the Artificial Lawn cleaner.

BBQ & Heat Sources 

Please be mindful that barbeques and other heat-producing objects should not be put directly on the artificial lawn as due to the excessive heat produced by them, they will burn the grass. Placing BBQs on a patio is the best technique.

We also had occasions where consumers hired contractors to trim their trees, and then put their motorised equipment on the lawn, and then burned the ground. No warranty will cover any harm caused by such products, so please take caution and warn any contractors in advance so that they do not inadvertently damage your synthetic turf.

Holding the magnifying glasses away from the children on the lawn is also a smart practice.

Summarised Tips 

All in all, here are a few pointers that you should definitely look out for: 

  • For lengthy periods of time, stop big and heavy cars being parked on the artificial surface.
  • You should never use tobacco, BBQs and bonfires around artificial grass.
  • Mirrors or reflective glass can never be placed near artificial grass and the sun’s reflecting light can melt the paint.
  • It is never appropriate to leave glass and other sharp items unattended on the lawn. Apart from the apparent danger of causing significant harm to someone, your lawn will be destroyed.
  • Using inappropriate footwear, such as football/rugby boots, stilettoes or other non-flat footwear, could damage the lawn.
  • Solid detergents such as chlorine can never be used, always using the methods suggested

This is not an exhaustive list, but it only highlights a couple of the main measures to keep your artificial lawn as beautiful as it can be for as long as it can be!

The Magic Of Montpelier 

Montpellier is a city on the Mediterranean Sea close to the south coast of France. It is the capital of the department of Hérault. It is situated within the territory of Occitanie. In the metropolitan sector, 607,896 people lived in 2016, and in the city itself, 281,613. About one-third of the population are students from three universities and three institutions of higher education outside the city’s university system.

Montpelier is only a 1-minute stroll from the gorgeous beach at Sandown. The Montpelier district is within walking distance of all the sights that your family can visit. The opening of the IOW Zoo, Dinosaur Island, Rainbow Park or the iconic Sandown Pier occurs all year round. Explore the Golf Experience of the Lost Planet, Magic Island, Super Bowl and much more.

Leigh Woods

Artificial Grass Installations in Leigh Woods

Nurturing Outdoor Playdates In Healthy Environments

Go Greener With Our Synthetic Lawn Experts

The sight of soft grass and nature’s happy colours in your lawn can spring vitality and growth. Our lawn experts are quite handy with installing a custom cut lawn but if that is something you would like to try on your own, then have a look at our installation guide. It is super easy and fun to do it on your own.

Our European designed faux grass can make practical design solutions come to life. We are proud of our outstanding reputation in design and development that we have built over the course of 20 years.

Our company promises the finest quality of lawn patches in Bristol, UK. Each of our patches meets our excellence standards and is made with utmost care and compassion by undergoing different regulations and tests.

Meet The Future. Meet Manageable Eco Lawns.

Fake grass is a carefully crafted doppelganger of real grass. It has achieved the national acceptance of millions of British homeowners. And with low upkeep and high tolerance to external stressors, there is no reason why should not fake it too!

Sustainable & Recyclable

Our artificial grass is loved initially by our clients, and later on by the planet! The components used in our synthetic grass is 100% recyclable which means it adds on to our environment’s natural resources.

As opposed to the traditional method of manufacturing artificial grass, our technique can sustain a healthy lawn for as long as 10 to 15 years. The grass colour, fibre size, fibre shape and width is an important combination that we have replicated by studying nature’s greens for years.

We carefully select recyclable raw materials that go into the making of exquisitely fresh-looking grass blades. Giving an opportunity for your kids to have a mini garden to prance around is a healthy venture in many ways. An outdoor green space is an ideal picnic spot for your family. You can lather up some sunscreen and scoot your kids out for a fun activity on a sunny day.

Supports Recreational Leisure

Getting your kid off the couch and indulging them in an engaging game of kickball is a struggle for millennial parenting. Being close to nature can nurture healthy developmental skills and fine motor skills in children.

Our wealth of experience can generate hygienic, safe and fun environments for both pets and children. Overgrown lawn patches, muddy areas and hard surfaces can pose a risk to lawn safety and hinder recreational activities.

Bristol Artificial Lawn can make a permanent surface solution by preventing mud and debris. Our lawn makes a softer and smoother landing for children that helps them get up and running in no time.

Defiant & Durable

An artificial lawn requires little to no maintenance the entire year. It saves you from using harmful insecticides and pesticides that destroy the environment. To top it off, it saves water by virtually needing only 20% of the water when compared with an organic grass lawn.

There are a lot of surprising benefits to an artificial lawn. Our favourite plus points are that you can add to garden furniture without worrying about the grass dying. Synthetic grass does not absorb bad odour making it a pet-friendly choice for your backyard.

Sunkissed Grass Blades

Our glass blades are covered with UV stabilisation to fight off the threat of discolouration under extreme weather conditions. We have a vast collection of unique blade shapes that can mimic the look and feel of real grass.

Composed of non-toxic materials, our blades are manufactured finely designed and evergreen features. The blades are tolerant to dirt and do not absorb moisture for an everlasting green sight.

Their impeccable resistance to wear and tear makes them a suitable option for high traffic regions. From residential designs to commercial custom fits – our landscapes finishes are unparalleled and vibrantly welcoming.

Tough, Soft & Green In Every Sense

Our artificial grass has vibrant colours with a natural feel of lush. We have an unrivalled range of multiple textures and appearances that can transform your outdoor and indoor spaces into a living heaven.

When the temperatures go extreme or the precipitation lessens, natural grass struggles to breathe and live. On the contrary, artificial grass is resilient in maintaining its natural green colour.

With the same basic size, shape and texture of natural grass, it is very hard to tell artificial grass apart. In an initial feel test, most of our clients were pleasantly surprised at the smooth texture of our artificial grass. For maximum appeal, the appearance of natural grass is maintained by a rubberized filter and a fabric foundation.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

That’s a question our experts are happy to acknowledge. In terms of efficiency, sustainability and enjoyment, we firmly believe in high standards. There are numerous reasons that make us confident about your purchase. You’ll find out the surplus advantages outlined below:

  • Quality and trustworthiness is our main concern
  • We are cautious about saving the environment
  • Our team is highly passionate and skilful
  • Our artificial grass looks 100% real
  • We use the latest technological procedures in manufacturing
  • We offer a robust warranty for your grass
  • Our warranty covers UV degradation and discolouration

Leading the Artificial Grass Market in the UK

Synthetic grass has become a popular landscaping option for many homeowners. With our wide range of grass options, we have got a grass patch for all your lawn needs. Our experts can practically place a lawn in versatile locations making it a divergent option for increasing your outdoor appeal.

Our turf pros have made lawn care effortless and fun for new homeowners. Our team can cater to a variety of lawn demands including residential, commercial, sports fields, special events and much more.

Our industrial experience makes us a great fit for making your lawn dream come true. Over the last five years, we have immensely grown in technological advancement with an increasing focus on water conservation. Our efforts have driven remarkable growth in revenue for the artificial grass market.


Artificial Grass Installations in Clifton

The energy you need to relive life

No gophers. No maintenance. No fuss

Installing Sustainable Happiness In Clifton

To upgrade your outdoor living space, Bristol Artificial Lawn supplies natural-looking, soft artificial grass and luxury composite decking. Our robust, incredibly-realistic innovations can save you time and money, all while effectively protecting our climate.

At Bristol Artificial Lawns, we are passionate about delivering exclusive high-quality services to our clients, while enhancing the elegance and value of your home at all times. We value being transparent, authentic, and giving unmatched customer services. If you’re not impressed with your lawn, we haven’t done our job.

All of our lawn products are made in Europe, always maintaining the European standards of efficiency, reliability and safety.

Our company promises:

  • Express delivery on all orders 
  • Product Warranty
  • Reasonable and moderate prices
  • Lawn specialists in constructing a decorative artificial turf
  • Service that is trusted, professional and credible
  • The finest artificial grass available in the UK
  • 100% satisfaction in results

Breathtaking Creative Spaces With DIY Installations

Each of our lawn patch projects is special in its own way. Our experts advise custom-tailored suggestions for the space you have to remodel it to look straight out of a cosmopolitan magazine.

A lawn transformation is just what you need to enjoy the ever-changing spontaneous weather of the UK. A prim and proper turf can help you uplift your mood each morning when you feel like taking in the fresh oxygen by stretching your legs.

It is a great way to improve your lifestyle. Psychological research shows that a lush green lawn is great for improving your mental health. For many individuals, it can stimulate health, tranquillity and stability.

The Fresh Summer Look

Colour popping visuals

A well-prepped artificial lawn is a great place to lounge and read a book. Enjoying the shades of green can improve your everyday life by twofold! What’s more? You can install your organic flower plants alongside your artificial turf!

Pops of purple, yellow, red and fuchsia can energise you with a zealous start to your day. Our clients have reported back with positive feedback over the years. Our esteemed clients are positive that installing an artificial lawn in their house has “filled their soul with joy.”

Backed by science and prepared after hardcore researches, Bristol Artificial Lawns is a proud installer of grass that springs growth and life. A prepped lawn can be a place for fostering acceptance and goodwill among family members.

Turf It Out

A true outdoor carpet

Private gardens have become an uprising running theme in the UK. Old grass companies used plastic and other harmful components to install an artificial lawn but that is old news. Our lawn installers have recyclable products that are nothing like the flaky or fading stuff that most companies offer.

The fake grass used for displaying oranged in greengrocer is long gone. The present-day artificial grass is a perfect natural replication of the real thing. Modern artificial lawns can mimic earth’s spring hues in the shape of grass blades.

Blocks Soil Dwellers

Bug-repelling, pet-loving

With record hot temperatures that are predicted to increase with time in Britain, we are looking at longer summer days. Consequently, this can also be an invitation for insects, soil dwellers and destroyers, to find refuge in the coolness of your grass.

One of the hard-to-fight solitary bees and worms find food in the shade of real grass. Fortunately for us, a patch of our artificial grass blocks off insects and provides little to no nourishment for them to survive upon.

The Planet Cleaning Agenda

No watering. No feeding. No mowing.

As the UK faces a serious water crisis, it is crucial to ponder our role in saving the environment. An artificial lawn saves you 80% of year-around water, which is roughly 1000 gallons of water saved.

Unlike a real law, an artificial patch of grass does not need frequent mowing. This is phenomenal considering many people mow lawns using fossil fuel or electric mowers which are no good to the planet’s green energy.

Apart from that, weed killers, insect sprays and pest powders are detrimental to our climate. Installing artificial grass can reduce environmental hazards by twofold all while giving your lawn a picture-perfect finish.

Perks of Having A Synthetic Lawn Environment

With each passing day, artificial turfs are gaining ground by being more cost-efficient and long-lasting. Their resilient grass blades have given life to dead lawns and tired homeowners.

It is perfect for beautifying your home space with a touch of green. With easy DIY installation steps, it helps you provide a laidback serene touch to your home. Some of its many benefits include:

  • Velvety green lawns with no cost to the environment
  • Reduces childhood obesity by promoting physical activities
  • Significantly decreases the cost of maintenance
  • Saves millions of gallons of water annually
  • Banishes the use of harmful pesticides
  • Withstands and shines through excessive wear and tear
  • Remains lush and resilient despite regular use
  • Provides a versatile play area for destressing
  • Made with stable ingredients, it is ultraviolet resistant to corrosion

The calm brought around by artificial grass can make you forgot about the tiring upkeep of organic grass. In comparison with real grass, synthetic grass can stay alive for years while real grass can die out after harsh weather.

The new generation of synthesised blades with recyclable materials is here to stay. Although the initial costs aren’t cheap at all, it pays for itself in the long run.

Get The Home Turf Advantage

From a design perspective, you can install energizing lawn setups paired with some garden furniture, fairytale lights, candy canes and tree trunks to make it seem welcoming in the daylight and magical by night.

Decorating your outdoors for holiday ventures like Halloween and Christmas is a big win when it comes to installing an artificial lawn. You get to redo your yard with fake cobwebs or pumpkins without any worries about the grass damage.

A beautiful lawn is an intricate work of art and with Bristol’s Artificial Lawn collection, you get the home turf advantage.