About Us And Gorilla Grass

Gorilla Grass is one of the UK’s fastest-growing producers of artificial grass for trade.

We stock over 30 Artificial Grass ranges in the UK and we only choose the best quality fabrics, even our discount items are of good quality, meaning that your purchase will not disappoint you. In the UK, Gorilla Grass is a known and trademarked brand, so why not buy directly from us and cut the middlemen out?


We have items to suit any use, be it for a residential or industrial installation, we have a variety of Artificial Grass to suit the specifications and budget of your customers. We also stock a wide variety of installation equipment and accessories to deliver a ‘one-stop-shop’ online shopping experience, to ensure that you have everything you need to instal our artificial grass items.


We also offer a variety of Point of Sale materials to better aid and assist you in selling our goods. On both the lawn and the exterior carpet, we have a selection of Sample Swatch Books, which are very easy to take to the site for landscapers, gardeners and contractors.


We also have a stock of Grass Display Stands that are suitable for retail stores to show visiting customers the collection. We want to work as smoothly as possible with your artificial grass order and distribution experience, so please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.

Each homeowner dreams of having an outdoor home that is stunning and appealing. That is why the need for smart investment in the right form of services for landscaping has also increased. If you are searching for your garden or lawn to be the longest-lasting and best landscape cover, then you are in the right spot.


Would like an artificial grass lawn of good quality built at a reasonable price?

We give a broad variety of options for artificial turf. To help you get your perfect lawn, get an accomplished local damp proofing expert.


Thinking of Switching To Artificial Grass?


You will definitely start dreaming about spending more time in the garden when the sun comes out and the temperature begins to pick up a bit. Artificial lawns require much less upkeep, no irrigation or mowing required, than your usual turf! It looks like your average lawn as well, but rather than constantly weeding, you really get to enjoy it. Throughout the year, fake grass will still look fantastic. In the winter, it doesn’t dull and dries out easily with any rain or mild irrigation.


Why Gorilla Grass?


Gorilla Grass is the leading operators of artificial grass around the UK.  Want a quick and convenient way to maintain your garden with minimum hassle in pristine condition? We are here for you. We have a devoted team that can help answer any questions you have and are on standby to revamp your garden entirely.

Made To Withstand 

Apparently, when you think about landscaping, new, natural green grass is what comes to mind.  Here are a few requirements that will save your time, resources and money on Gorilla Grass artificial & synthetic grass:


  • Our goods are completely cost-effective, low maintenance and highly durable.
  • The perfect alternative to natural fake grass is young, grassy, fluffy and gorgeous.
  • Zero application of pesticides or additives in order not to pollute
  • Can stand up well against heat and heavy use
  • Our artificial grass will provide a stunning and long-lasting solution for landscaping


In the artificial synthetic grass industry, our business is a famous name that provides mind-blowing, aesthetically admirable and completely cost-effective artificial grass services. You will know that they are the finest you can find for residential as well as commercial uses, relative to natural grass.

Our Services


We bring artificial grass straight to your door and mount it. We will help transform every yard into your dream yard with several different types of grass. We promise quick service that is delivered to your doorstep. We pride ourselves on ensuring that, while upholding high expectations, we can produce the quality immediately. The highest quality is produced from all of our grass and materials. Eco-friendly and sustainable, you can rely on your yard to look nice and last for decades.


Residential Installation 

Gorilla Grass is the country’s largest artificial grass maker, to provide you with with the greatest range of artificial grass products and the latest technologically innovative goods to create a stunning landscape with the dream green lawn you’ve always desired. The experts at the Gorilla Grass will assist with all your needs, from preparation to construction and installation.


  • Lawn and Landscape
  • Playgrounds
  • Turf for Dogs
  • Placing Greens 

Commercial Installation 

Gorilla Grass delivers cost-saving options for our industrial customers to eliminate costs associated with the upkeep of artificial grass lawn areas. The best solution for industrial landscape applications is fake turf. 


Our artificial grass has proved to be the smart alternative for corporations and contractors looking to save capital, scarce energy and upkeep costs, from open areas to sprawling landscape designs. The investment made in artificial turf pays for itself over time by cutting the expense of energy rates, gasoline and labour costs.


  • Architects
  • Facilities For Golf
  • Athletic Installations
  • Training for Agility and Track
  • Schooling
  • The ‘Green Walls’